June 18, 2021

Mother, aunt of 14-year-old also charged with capitol murder in 16-year-old’s death

Therese Apel

Two adults have been charged with capitol murder in connection to the stabbing death of a 16-year-old boy.

On Friday the aunt and mother of 14-year-old Twaneshia Hicks both had their initial appearance in Claiborne County on those charges.

At the end of May, D’Tavious Dorsey was stabbed in a fight, and police arrested 14-year-old Twaneisha Hicks in his death. Witnesses told police that Hicks had stabbed Dorsey over a basketball game.

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Sheriff Edward Goods’ office released a statement on Friday just after the initial appearance stating that after the initial fight, Hicks had allegedly called her aunt, Tarrinette Hicks, who called Twaneisha’s mother Twan Hicks. The two allegedly from there took Twaneisha to the location of the stabbing to confront Dorsey. Shortly after that is when Dorsey was fatally stabbed.

Twaneisha, Twan, and Tarrinette Hicks have all been charged in Dorsey’s death. Twaneisha Hicks was given a $100,000 bond on Monday, and today the adults were both denied bond.

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