August 3, 2023

Mississippi State Parks Announce Temporary Closure of Campsites for Renovation Projects

Mary Apel

Mississippi State Parks, under the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks, is embarking on a series of major renovation projects to enhance the visitor experience at several state parks. Beginning on Tuesday, September 5, 2023, three state parks—Roosevelt State Park, Percy Quin State Park, and Paul B. Johnson State Park—will be temporarily closing their campsites, RV campsites, primitive camping sites, and bathhouses.

The closures are part of an effort to improve the facilities and accommodations within the parks. Mississippi State Parks aims to elevate and enrich the current offerings while preserving the timeless elements beloved by generations of guests.

Despite the temporary closures, guests are still welcome to stay at alternative accommodations available at each park. Roosevelt State Park will continue to offer 15 available cabins and 20 hotel rooms, while Percy Quin State Park provides 18 cabins, nine hotel rooms, and four cottages. Paul B. Johnson State Park offers 16 cabins, three cottages, and campsites 87-108. Additionally, day use at all three parks will remain open for exploration and enjoyment.

Visitors to Roosevelt State Park can immerse themselves in the natural beauty along six scenic trails, relax in five pavilions, and indulge in a delightful picnic area. The park also offers recreational activities such as the Moccasin Bend disc golf course, swimming pool, water slide, fishing, boating, and a softball field. Recently renovated tennis courts are available for sports enthusiasts. During the renovation period, day-use bathrooms will remain open, ensuring convenience for all guests.

At Percy Quin State Park, guests can explore the park’s scenic nature trails, play golf at Quail Hollow, and enjoy the disc golf course and other recreational activities. The day use area bathrooms will remain open throughout the renovations. Although the closures are expected to last up to one year, the cabins are scheduled to reopen earlier.

Paul B. Johnson State Park offers guests 16 cabins, three cottages, and designated campsites for overnight stays. The park’s day use area features the “Trail of the Southern Pines” nature trail, disc golf courses, Geiger Lake for swimming and water sports, picnic areas with six pavilions, a splash pad (available until Oct. 1), playgrounds, and two tennis courts. Day-use bathrooms will remain open during the renovations, ensuring a comfortable visit for all guests.

Mississippi State Parks will contact all guests with affected reservations via call or email to minimize any inconvenience caused by the closures. The parks encourage visitors to follow their social media accounts for updates on the progress of the renovation projects.

For more information, visit the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks website at or contact them at (601) 432-2400. Stay up to date by following Mississippi State Parks on Facebook at or Instagram at

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