December 6, 2022

Mississippi Man Arrested For Allegedly Raping Employee At Memphis Walgreens

Morgan Howard

Shaquille Smith ,27, of Greenwood, Mississippi.(Shelby County Sheriff's Office)

According to WMC, a Mississippi man is behind bars and charged after police say he raped an employee at the Memphis Walgreens at gunpoint.

This all happened inside the store.

On Nov. 6, Memphis police responded to a 911 call at Walgreens located at 5900 Knight Arnold Road.

Two employees told police that a man walked in with a gun and told the women if they called the cops on him for trespassing then he would kill them.

Police say the man then pointed a gun at one of the female employees’ heads and told her to go to the bathroom with him where he sexually assaulted her.

After this, he fled from the store through the emergency exit, according to police.

Investigators watched surveillance footage from the store and were able to identify the suspect as 27-year-old Shaquille Smith of Greenwood Mississippi.

After a photo lineup on November 11, one of the employees was able to identify Smith as the man responsible.

WMC reports that Smith is charged with two counts of aggravated assault, one count of aggravated rape, and one count of especially aggravated kidnapping.

His bond was set at $250,000.

Shaquille Smith ,27, of Greenwood, Mississippi.(Shelby County Sheriff’s Office)

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