January 19, 2023

Mississippi Forensics Lab Partners with Rankin Co. Employing Forensic Scientist To Analyze Seized Drugs

Morgan Howard

The Mississippi Forensics Laboratory (MSFL) has entered a partnership with Rankin County whereby Rankin County will employ a designated forensic scientist assigned to the MSFL to provide forensic analysis of seized drugs collected within the county.

“We are excited to enter into this new agreement between the Mississippi Forensics Laboratory (MSFL) and Rankin County,” said Crime Lab Director Mary Dukes. “We envision this program will aid the MSFL backlog reduction efforts and provide timely analysis of current cases submitted by Rankin County for drug analysis, and ultimately a more efficient adjudication process.”

The MSFL will provide the Rankin County-funded forensic scientist access to all lab analysis capabilities, including workspace, instrumentation, and support necessary to perform forensic drug evidence analysis for Rankin County submissions.

“This partnership will not only benefit Rankin County, but will help our entire state,” said Commissioner Sean Tindell. “Thank you to Rankin County Board of Supervisors, Sheriff Bailey,
and all other partners who came together to make this possible. I anticipate more opportunities like this will arise in other counties across our state in the future.”

The dedicated scientist funded by Rankin County will be capable of performing any required analysis according to MSFL standards of education, training, competency, proficiency, policy and procedures, safety and security, and objectives in forensic testing, in accordance with ANAB
accreditation and the MSFL Quality System.

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