February 2, 2023

MEMA Gives Tips For Keeping Home Warm As Over 20K Without Power

Morgan Howard

With over 20,000 customers experiencing power outages in North Mississippi, Mississippi Emergency Management Agency shared some tips for keeping your home warm.

Here is what they suggested doing while you are home.

-Gather in One Room: Be sure you close the doors to all of the other rooms in the house and gather everyone in one room for their activities.

-Capture Body Heat: As strange as this sounds, if you have a tent, consider putting it up temporarily inside to capture body heat.

-Insulate Your Home: Roll up a towel and place it on the base of windows and your doors. This will trap heat inside of your home.

-Close Curtains: Closing curtains will reduce heat loss through your windows.

-Close doors to unused rooms

-Don’t forget to bring pets inside: If you are cold outside…then so is your pet. Please bring them all inside in these brutal temperatures.

MEMA said that workers are quickly working to repair all of the power outages across the state.

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