November 30, 2022

MARL Saves Two Bulldogs Seized By Ridgeland Police In Deplorable Condition

Morgan Howard

Two dogs seized by Ridgeland police in deplorable condition. Source: MARL
MARL shared a story on their Facebook page about two English bulldogs who were seized and brought to their facility by Ridgeland Police.
A concerned citizen called the Ridgeland Police Department on May 13th about two dogs in very poor condition and in distress from the heat.
When the officer arrived, he found two English Bulldogs in need of immediate assistance so he seized the dogs.
He brought the two dogs to Mississippi Animal Rescue League and their vet examined the dogs.
The two dogs were in extreme respiratory distress from being left outside in the head.
Brachycephalic Syndrome is a condition in short-nosed dogs that impairs the animal’s ability to breathe properly. Even short-term exposure to heat and humidity can be life-threatening to these dogs.
In addition, they had multiple other health issues.
According to MARL, the male bulldog had significant generalized skin disease. He suffered hair loss, bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections over his entire body. His ears were infected and crusted from drainage as well and he was underweight.
The female had significant inflammatory skin disease with generalized hair loss, inflamed skin, crusting, infections in her skin folds, Staph and yeast infections and Demodex mange. Her most problem was a secondary eye infection in both eyes caused by bacteria and yeast. She also had dry eye that had not been treated. All of this resulted in extremely painful eyes and loss of vision in one eye and partial loss in the other.
MARL stated,
“We had these dogs under our care for 131 days before the case was resolved in court. Because of the level of their problems our vet wanted them seen by specialist from MS State for some of their special medical needs. They were provided excellent veterinary care in our hospital by our vet and our animal care staff worked with them daily scheduling early morning and late afternoon potty breaks, administering their daily medications and special diets. After all the special needs and appointments for these two, the bill for care for these two was over $7,000. These sad abused dogs turned into loving, trusting and outgoing pups. Our entire staff fell in love with them.”
After MARL cared for and treated the dogs at the shelter, the male bulldog recovered from his skin and ear infections. The female dog recovered partial sight in one eye and all of her sight in her other eye.
The shelter said it took a total of 131 days, going back and forth in court, extensive and ongoing medical care, and in the end, they were given custody of the two dogs.
The two dogs have been adopted and have a wonderful new life and new families to care for them. They will never experience this kind of neglect again.
MARL said,
“This story is reflective of so many of our animals. This…this story right here is reflective of the work we do and the lives we save because of each of our wonderful donors. Please take a moment and give so more animals can have their happy ever after. We thank you so much for you love and care for our animals.”

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