January 19, 2024

Man Wanted For Manufacturing/Delivering Drugs In Texas Arrested In Rankin County

Morgan Howard

On Thursday, January 18, a deputy with the Rankin County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Interdiction Team made a traffic stop on a passenger vehicle on Interstate 20 for a traffic violation.

During a roadside interview, the deputy became suspicious of the discrepancies in the driver’s story.

Kilo of cocaine

During a consensual search of the vehicle, the deputy with the assistance of his K-9 partner “Voodoo” discovered approximately one kilogram of cocaine located in the vehicle.

The driver, identified as Miguel Camarillo-Alcala, was arrested and transported to the Rankin County Jail. He was booked on the charge of Trafficking of Controlled Substances.

Officers learned that the suspect was wanted out of Brownsville, Texas for “Manufacturing and Delivering Controlled Substance/Dangerous Drugs.”

District Attorney “Bubba” Bramlett will bring Camarillo-Alcala before Rankin County Court Judge David Morrow for an initial appearance.

This investigation is ongoing.

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