June 21, 2023

Man Sentenced For Starving Two Horses In Charleston

Morgan Howard

A man was sentenced after nearly starving two horses to death in Charleston, Mississippi.

According to Animal Advocacy group, In Defense of Animals, two horses were seized in deplorable condition from Brewer Road outside of Oakland, Mississippi.

Their owner, James Cable, was sentenced to a fine for starving the two animals.

Cable was convicted of failing to provide sustenance for his horses. They were found on the brink of death.

The neglect of the horses was reported to the sheriff’s department. Deputy Jerry “Bubba” Williams worked with In Defense of Animals Senior Campaigner, Doll Stanley, to arrange a safe place for the horses to go. They will now receive safe haven and the care and love they deserve.

MS Horses accepted the horses into their care and got them vetted by Dr. Thomas Abernethy.

The two animals are not recovering. The stallion, named Spunky, is recovering well.

The mare, Lyla, was nearly beyond recovery but she is receiving care and prescribed feedings in hopes of saving her life.

“Individuals who place animals in intrinsically harmful circumstances aren’t just negligent; they are culpable for their cruel actions, and we fight for justice for their victims. There is no excuse for negligently disregarding the welfare of an animal,” stated In Defense of Animals’ Justice for Animals Senior Campaigner Doll Stanley.”

 In Defense of Animals has served Mississippi for 30 years, working with citizens, humane organizations, law enforcement and the court system to rescue and seek justice for ill-treated animals.


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