December 1, 2022

Man Convicted And Sentenced For Two Armed Robbery And Kidnapping Counts

Morgan Howard

Source: Hattiesburg PD
Forrest and Perry County District Attorney Lin Carter announced today that Jkwon Omarion Page was convicted and sentenced for two  Armed Robbery cases, and two Counts of Kidnapping, all occurring in the City of Hattiesburg.
On January 29, two females entered their vehicle in the parking lot shared by Patio 44 restaurant and Brewsky’s Bar, located on West 4th Street.
They had just entered the car when Page opened the back door, jumped inside with them, pointed a pistol at the heads of the two victims, and demanded money.
After taking cash from the victims, he then fondled one of them and forced them to drive away from the area, kidnapping them both.
At gunpoint, Page guided the victim driving the car to a gas station on Hardy Street.
At the gas station, Page directed the driver to go inside the store and purchase condoms, while he remained in the vehicle with the other victim. The driver went inside and covertly asked the clerk to call 911 and delayed the transaction as long as possible, hoping to give law enforcement time to arrive.
Page then exited the vehicle with the other victim, came inside the store, purchased the condoms and forced both victims back outside towards the car.
While doing so, the victims were able to run away in opposite directions from Page.
Page then entered the vehicle and drove from the scene. Soon thereafter, law enforcement spotted the vehicle and a high-speed chase followed, wherein Page wrecked the vehicle and was taken into custody. The pistol was recovered from the wrecked vehicle and another vehicle belonging to the mother of Jkwon Page was found in the parking lot of Patio 44/Brewsky’s.
Hattiesburg Police Department, while investigating these crimes, noted Page matched a description of a person wanted for questioning in conjunction with a failed armed robbery and carjacking that had occurred five days earlier on January 24.
In that case, a female noticed a vehicle following her home from her job at the Grand Theatre. The victim attempted to get away from the vehicle, but it chased her and eventually blocked her vehicle when she was stopped by a train on Scooba Street.
Jkwon Page exited the vehicle with an AR-15 style rifle and approached the victim’s car and began banging on the window, demanding she exit her vehicle and give him her money.
The victim refused to leave her vehicle and, with multiple witnesses present, Page got back in his vehicle and sped away.
When captured on January 29, Page gave a full confession to this attempted armed robbery and carjacking.
Page was indicted by a Forrest County Grand Jury for both Armed Robberies and kidnappings. On September 19, Page entered Guilty Pleas to the Armed Robbery attempt of January 24, as well as the Armed Robbery and Kidnappings of January 29.
After a sentencing hearing on December 1, Judge Bob Helfrich sentenced Jkwon Page to thirty years in prison for both armed robberies and both kidnappings, each, for a total of 120 years. Judge Helfrich allowed 60 of those years to run concurrent, meaning Page must serve the remaining 60 in MDOC custody.
Source: Hattiesburg PD

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