January 23, 2023

Malnourished Dog, Covered In Defense Wounds, Saved After Brought To Jackson Rescue

Morgan Howard

Source: Animal Rescue Fund
Local Jackson no-kill rescue, Animal Rescue Fund, met the sweetest soul in deplorable condition Sunday night.
Just as they were about to close, a man came in with a dog in horrific condition, covered in defense wounds.
The man said the dog wandered up to his home and he knew the dog desperately needed help.
Every single rib on the anemic dog’s body was showing and he was covered in defense wounds and had an old leg injury.
ARF named the dog Hooch, because employees said he looks like the famous TV dog Hooch.
Hooch is nothing but grateful for the help and is sweet to everyone he meets. He is being examined by the vets next to find out what all of his health issues are so they can be treated.
The rescue said they assume he is heartworm positive, and he has a leg injury, with other various wounds on his body that need medical treatment.
Hooch’s life is looking up! He is on the road to a new and better life.
Source: Animal Rescue Fund
Source: Animal Rescue Fund

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