June 5, 2023

JPD: Beware of rash of Kia/Hyundai thieves

Therese Apel

Jackson Police Department is asking the citizens to be aware of individuals stealing Kia and Hyundai vehicles made between 2011-2021.
In a Facebook post, JPD asked citizens who own one of these vehicles to take extra precautions to secure your vehicle. They advise that Hyundai owners use additional equipment to lock the steering wheel or possibly other methods to disable the engine when the vehicle is not in use.
Car thieves are using social media to share information on how to steal Kia and Hyundai vehicles made between 2011-2021.
A Kia/Hyundai mechanic commented on the post, “All owners need to schedule a service appointment to address this issue! Hyundai has released a software update that addresses this concern!”
If you see anyone attempting to steal a vehicle, call 911 or call your local law enforcement agency.

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