July 22, 2021

Jones County Sheriff asks for help to bring another K9 to the department

Therese Apel

Police K9 and his handler

Jones County Sheriff Joe Berlin is hoping that his community will step up and help the department bring in a new K9.

Berlin wrote a letter seeking donations recently. He said the $15,000 needed is not budgeted for this year, but that his department “desperately” needs another K9 in addition to the three they have.

There are four patrol squads, but only three have K9s. A fourth would keep the handlers from having to work overtime, and it would keep the fourth shift from having to worry that there might not be a dog available if they need one.

“From protecting deputies and the handler to tracking lost children and vulnerable adults who may have walked away from their residence to criminal apprehensions to illegal narcotics detection, a Patrol K9 on each patrol squad is a ‘must-have’ in today’s law enforcement arena,” Berlin wrote.

Donations will tax deductible, and will go to purchase and train a Belgian malinois.

Donations can be sent to the Jones County Sheriff’s Department at 419 Yates Ave., Laurel, MS 39440.

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