October 9, 2023

Jones County Reminds Residents Of Burn Ban After Shed Destroyed By Fire

Morgan Howard

The Jones County Fire Department said that many in the area are not heeding to the burn ban, and this is causing unnecessary fires.
On Sunday, a 12 x 12 shed was destroyed after it went up in flames. Several other buildings near by were dangerously close to being destroyed by flames.
This happened in the Rustin community at 11:33 a.m. Sunday.
Rustin, Sandersville, M & M and Powers volunteer fire departments responded to a fire in a yard at 52 Newcomb Road.
When they arrived, they found a large yard burning with someone attempting to put it out with a water hose.
The shed had been demolished by the flames and there were five other structures in close proximity, including four homes, which were in imminent danger.
The fire had swept right up to the shop located near the shed and came within 5-10 feet of two of the homes.
Thankfully, firefighters were able to extinguish the blaze quickly, before another structure received severe damage.
The landowner was reportedly not at home at the time. However, another witness informed fire personnel that there was an individual burning near the demolished shed prior to the incident.
In spite of the burn ban, fire departments across Jones County continue to receive reports of individuals burning trash and brush piles multiple times daily.
In fact, while this scene was active, another call was received in Moselle about someone burning on Tower Road.

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