December 7, 2022

Jackson Woman Says She Was Held At Gunpoint At Regions ATM

Morgan Howard

WLBT reported that a Jackson woman was robbed at gunpoint at a Regions ATM Sunday night around 8:00 p.m.

She said the suspects stole her car, cash, and her phone.

The woman did not want her identity shared to protect herself, but she is asking for JPD to do more to help control crime in Jackson.

She said that two robbers walked up to her car from around the side of the building of the Regions on Terry Road.

One had a 9mm and the other one had an AR. She said the men began shouting demands as they approached her car.

The woman said that one of the robbers said,

“‘BEEP put the pin in the ATM, and if you put in the wrong pin, I will spray you, and if it declines, I’m still going to spray you,’”

WLBT reports that the woman said they took 200 dollars in cash and her phone, and they also stole her 2015 Dodge Journey SUV.

She ran to a restaurant nearby and called Jackson Police. When officers arrived, she learned that her vehicle was being used to rob another store.

The woman told WLBT,

“When I was talking to the police, I heard on the radio that a Family Dollar Store had got robbed right after me, and they used my truck,”

The victim said she wanted to warn others to be extremely careful at ATMs after her experience.

Photo by David von Diemar on Unsplash

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