July 6, 2021

Jackson rapper Lil’ Lonnie’s killer will spend life in prison

Therese Apel

Monya Davis, sentenced to life in prison in the murder of Jackson rapper Lil' Lonnie.
Rapper Lil’ Lonnie was killed in Jackson in 2018. His killer recieved life in prison on January 6.

The man convicted in the shooting death of Jackson rapper Lil Lonnie Taylor will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

In Hinds County Circuit Judge Faye Peterson’s court Tuesday, Monya Davis was sentenced to life in prison Tuesday. He was convicted roughly a month ago.

Peterson called the death senseless, saying two young lives ended that day, not just one.

Davis will be remanded to the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections.

Marshun Carr and Antoine Carr are also charged with murder in the case.

Around 10:30 p.m. on Sunday, April 29, 2018, officers found a car crashed into a house. The driver, Lil Lonnie, was pronounced dead at the scene, but a female passenger was not injured. The vehicle had been shot into as it was being driven down Montebello Drive.

In a 2016 interview, Taylor told 50 Cent that he wasn’t involved in the drug game or any of the other activities on the streets. He was taking care of his ailing father and his four siblings, he said.

“There’s nothing… nothing to do. Nothing but a whole bunch of robbing,” Taylor told DJ Smallz in a YouTube interview when asked what there is to do in Jackson. “Everybody’s just, I mean that’s all it is, just robbing and killing and all this, that’s all that’s going on.”

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