March 23, 2023

Jackson Police Investigating Burglary At Local Animal Shelter

Morgan Howard

According to shelter director, Pippa Jackson, thieves broke into the Animal Rescue Fund on Mayes Street in Jackson last night and caused significant damage.

They ruined or stole quite a few items the shelter uses frequently on the property.

The shelter uses a pick-up truck to pick up supplies, water, dog food, and cat litter (and other items) that it can no longer be driven because of damage the thieves caused to the truck.

They also messed up a rental excavator and made it inoperable so the shelter will have to repay the cost of this.

Thieves also stole several lawnmowers from the shelter, so they no longer can mow their grass.

Pippa Jackson said she needed to go get water and cat litter today at Costco in that pickup truck, but can no longer do this.

The shelter is a no-kill rescue that has helped thousands of dogs across the state. If you want to donate, you can do so on their website!

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