February 3, 2022

Jackson man convicted in Madison Co for trafficking Fentanyl

Mary Apel

Carlos Dominique Allen, 33, of Jackson, was convicted Wednesday in Madison County for the sale of Fentanyl.

His conviction follows a three day trial.  Allen was also convicted for trafficking in Fentanyl, possession of Hydrocodone and possession of Amphetamine.

“This case originated from an overdose and death investigation that occurred in Madison County,” said District Attorney Bramlett.

Bramlett says Allen is a habitual offender and subsequent drug offender who could get a maximum sentence without eligibility for early release or parole.

“Our law enforcement in Madison and Rankin Counties should be commended for their tireless efforts in ridding our communities of this deadly drug. The Madison Police Department kept over 150 potentially deadly pills of Fentanyl off the streets and out of the hands of our young people.”

Counterfeit pain pills are causing significant overdose deaths in Mississippi. These pills look like the original but often contain fentanyl, an opioid that is 100 times more potent than morphine.

Allen will be sentenced Friday at 1:30.

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