November 23, 2022

Jackson Man Arrested After Using Counterfeit Check To Purchase Car

Morgan Howard

Source: Prentiss County SO Kemorian Kuenta Herring
On Monday, November 21, Prentiss County Authorities were notified by Rankin County Authorities that they had arrested 20-year-old Kemorian Kuenta Herring of the Jackson Mississippi area pursuant to an arrest warrant issued in Prentiss County.
The arrest came after months of investigation into a Fraud Case involving the passing of a counterfeit cashier’s check that was used to purchase a 2018 Dodge Challenger that had been advertised on Facebook Marketplace.
The incident was reported to Prentiss County Deputies on July 18th after the victim discovered that the check used to purchase his automobile was fake.
Investigators and Deputies began working to identify the suspects in the case.
Authorities determined that the suspects were operating out of the Jackson Mississippi area.
The 2018 Challenger was recovered by Jackson Police, along with another Challenger that had been reported stolen out of Louisiana.
The following day Jackson Police Impound Officers discovered that both vehicles were stolen out of the Impound during the night or early morning.
The Challenger was involved in at least three high-speed pursuits in the Ridgeland/Jackson area over the span of three days, with the driver avoiding arrest each time.
Ridgeland Police Detectives eventually identified the suspect who matched the description of the individual that had purchased the car in Prentiss County and took him into custody.
Prentiss County Investigators traveled to Ridgeland and assisted in the interrogation of the suspect which led to the suspect being charged with Uttering a Counterfeit/Forged Instrument and False Pretense.
His bond was set at $25,000 and he remains in the Prentiss County Jail.
The investigation continues in an effort to identify others involved in the case.
Based on what authorities discovered during the investigation it has been determined that this incident is connected to a large number of other similar cases across the southeast United States, all involving Counterfeit Cashier’s Checks and High Dollar Automobiles, primarily sports cars and utility vehicles.
The common denominator is the Jackson area.
We have been contacted by Investigators from Jacksonville Florida, Houston Texas, Alabama Bureau of Investigation, and several Mississippi Agencies, all having similar investigations.
This case will be presented to the next Prentiss County Grand Jury.

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