August 2, 2023

Jackson Man Arrested After Threatening To Shoot Others At Intramural Basketball Game

Morgan Howard

On Tuesday, August 1st, Capitol Police officers responded to a call regarding a disturbance that occurred during an intramural basketball game near 431 North Street in Jackson, Mississippi.

Upon arrival, officers were informed of a subject that had gotten into a verbal altercation threatening to shoot several people who were playing basketball.

According to witnesses, after the subject made those threats, he then went to his vehicle, grabbed his backpack, and was making his entry back into the building when an on-duty security guard stopped him.

Officers located the man near his vehicle shortly after their arrival.

In his vehicle, a 9mm handgun was recovered as well as the backpack.

The subject has been identified as 38-year-old Jeffery Webb Jr.

Webb was arrested with no incident and charged with making a terroristic threat.

“Great job to all of the officers and security personnel involved in this incident,” said Capitol Police Chief Bo Luckey. “In today’s world, you cannot take any threat of violence lightly. Capitol Police will continue our mission to do all we can to ensure public safety to those within the CCID.”

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