August 6, 2021

Jackson firefighters battle blaze at apartments on Ridgewood Road

Therese Apel

Photo credit: Hinkle Productions ::: Fire at Moss Creek Apartments on Ridgewood Road in Jackson

Jackson firefighters were on the scene of a large apartment fire on Ridgewood Road Friday afternoon.

At least one building in the Moss Creek Apartments was destroyed by fire, but no injuries have been reported so far.

Video shot on the scene by Hinkle Productions shows heavy flames and dark black smoke coming from the building that caught fire, and eventually JFD began an aerial attack on the fire.

Other Moss Creek residents were standing on the lawns and in the parking lot shooting video of the event, many saying they didn’t realize there was a fire until they heard the fire trucks arrive. Other residents were arriving home as the firefight went on, and had to wait for emergency vehicles to clear out until they could get back to their apartments.

Jackson Fire Department got the call some time after lunch, and were still working active hotspots into Friday afternoon.

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