August 30, 2022

Jackson businesses team up to deliver 400 cases of water to residents in need

Morgan Howard

Source: Eddie Wright

A plumbing company in Jackson called “Owens Plumbing” is donating 400 cases of water to those in need in Jackson in the midst of the city’s water crisis.

Owens Plumbing said that they are parked on Raymond Road in front of Rally’s in Jackson. They are giving away water to those affected by this crisis.

Eddie Wright, the owner of a food truck called Eddie Wright BBQ- Food Truck in Jackson offered to load the water on his truck and trailer and deliver them for Owen’s Plumbing.

Wright said he also donated 20 cases to his local neighborhood in Jackson. He said his food truck made over 450 meals for the community with Nathaniel Cooper and Helen Brown.

Wright said they will he will make deliveries where needed but they have started noticing a shortage at retail stores now. He said they will travel out of town to restock if there is a larger need in areas of the city.


Residents in the city are coming together, despite this hard situation, and making a difference and helping those in need.

Many residents have no running water in their homes or businesses after the main water cleaning plant failed yesterday.


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