August 8, 2022

Holly Springs steakhouse offers free meals to WWII Veterans

Morgan Howard

Source: Marshall Steakhouse
Olin Pickins, a 101 year old, WW2 POW/veteran, came into the restaurant and was given a free 48-ounce tomahawk steak.
The restaurant’s owner said that any WW2 veteran brought into his restaurant can order anything they want for free!
Pickins may be over a century old, but he still drives, lives in his own house, and cuts his own grass.
The owner said,
“WW2 veterans are rapidly leaving us at a rate of 245 per day! We need to honor them while we still can! If you have one in your family or if you know one, please bring them to Marshall Steakhouse and we will feed them for free! Any steak on the menu! Also, they can come back as many times as they want!”
If you know any WWII veterans, be sure to bring them to Marshall Steakhouse so they can honor and thank them for all they have done!

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