July 20, 2023

GRAPHIC: Massive Rescue Underway After 126 Dogs Found Abandoned By Newton County Rescuer

Morgan Howard

A massive dog rescue operation is underway in Newton County after a local rescuer who had taken in over 100 dogs abandoned them all.

The Newton County Sheriff’s Department said that on July 10, they responded to a call on Pine Bluff Road in reference to a call regarding animal neglect.

Deputies arrived on scene and found dogs abandoned in cages, tied in trees and running loose on the property.

Numerous amounts of deceased dogs were found on the property. The 71 dogs still alive on the property had not been fed or given water for a long time.

After further investigation, deputes were able to determine there was a second property on Peavy Road also containing a large number of dogs. (71 dogs total).
Realizing the magnitude of the situation they contacted Mississippi Animal Rescue League and in turn, they contacted Animal Rescue Corps out of Nashville TN.
Animal Rescue Corps assembled a team along with the assistance of BISSELL Pet Foundation, along with a team from Hattiesburg and New Orleans.
After the teams got on location with a local veterinarian they were able to secure and treat all the dogs in both locations and were transported to Nashville for further care.
William Patten and Natalie Fancher Patten were arrested and charged with 6 counts of felony animal cruelty ( more charges will be filed).
The Sheriff’s Department thanked Cathy Bissell with BISSELL Pet Foundation and everyone involved in this case. They also thanked Jackie Therrien for taking care of the dogs until help arrived and Supervisor Kenny Harris for his help in this case.

Animal Advocate, Doll Stanley with “In Defense of Animals” responded to the scene. She said that some of the dogs were covered in sores. It will take weeks to get the dogs to safety and get them the care they desperately need.

The couple responsible for all of the dogs were local rescuers.

Doll Stanley has been getting justice for animals in the Deep South for over 30 years. She recently worked with lawmakers to pass a law so every animal harmed in Mississippi gets a separate count of cruelty.

Stanley’s goal is to get justice for every single dog. Stanley said,

“I could only take one dog’s remains in for a necropsy, the rest were far too decomposed to provide results. It’s unpleasant and expensive, but I must know so I can get justice.”

Stanley estimates it will cost around $50,000 to save every life possible. A $50 donation will provide a month’s worth of food for one dog and $100 can cover the medical assessment for one dog.

“With your help, we will save every life possible. Your donation today will start these dogs on the path to health and a loving family they should have gotten in the first place.”

CLICK HERE to donate.

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