August 28, 2022

Governor Reeves Issues State of Emergency Ahead of Flooding

Mary Apel

Governor Tate Reeves has issued a State of Emergency in anticipation of flooding from the Pearl River. At the time of this release, the flooding is expected to crest at 36 feet on Monday, August 29th.

“My administration, including MEMA, is monitoring this situation closely, and actively working to respond as quickly as possible to ongoing developments with the flooding,” said Governor Tate Reeves. “Recognizing the critical nature of this situation, and in consideration of the health and safety of local residents, I have proclaimed a State of Emergency in the areas that have been affected by or may be affected by the severe thunderstorms and flooding.”

The state’s response efforts are already underway. MEMA has deployed 126,000 sandbags in preparation for this flooding. Mississippians can get more information on how to get sandbags by contacting their county or city.

Additionally, search and rescue teams are on standby and are prepared to respond at the request of local emergency managers.

This is 24 hours sooner than originally predicted. “The time is now to start making preparations to protect yourself and your family. If your home flooded in 2020, there is a high probability it will happen again,” Reeves said in a release.

For more information on the flooding, how it will impact your area, and what you can do to stay safe, please visit:

MEMA also has drones in the air to assess water levels along the Pearl River. This will ensure that the state consistently has the most accurate and up to date information on the flood areas and water movement.

If an individual is in need of shelter, they can go to the Jackson Police Training Academy at 3000 Saint Charles Street in the city of Jackson. It is open and being run by the American Red Cross.

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