November 2, 2022

Got Leftover Pumpkins? Donate Them To The Pigs!

Morgan Howard

If you have leftover pumpkins from Halloween this year, don’t toss them in the trash!

Any uncarved pumpkins can be donated to the pigs!

One pig rescue in Columbia is asking the public to drop off any pumpkins here!

Shaw Pitbull Rescue posted this on their Facebook page. Their friends who rescue pigs at 368 Old New Hope Road, Columbus, MS are asking for any and all uncarved pumpkins they might planning to trash.

Pumpkins have so many health benefits for pigs. They are a good source of Vitamin C, and they also have a ton of fiber!

This helps these infinitely-hungry friends feel full longer. Reach out to a local farm or rescue before dumping those pumpkins this year!

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