April 19, 2023

Girl Scout Troop Makes Cardboard Scratching Toys For Cats At Shelter

Morgan Howard

Girlscout troop donates homemade scratching toys to cats at MARL. Source: MARL

A Girl Scout Troop from Pearl came to Mississippi Animal Rescue League to bring homemade scratching toys they made for the cats waiting to be adopted.

Troop 4403 stopped by the shelter Saturday.

The girls made cardboard scratching toys from the shipping boxes the Girl Scout Cookies were shipped in.

MARL was so grateful and said they know the cats will love them!

The shelter said the Girl Scouts visited with the cats and large dogs waiting on their forever homes.

They also visited the MARL animal hospital where they got to meet Dr. Mary and vet tech, Cathy.

MARL said that their number one cat volunteer Jim, talked to the girls about the cats as they enjoyed petting and cuddling them.

MARL posted on Facebook saying,

“Thank you Troop 4403 and parents for the gifts for our cats. We really enjoyed the visit.”


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