June 8, 2022

Mississippi athletes rack up medals at 2022 Special Olympics

Mary Apel

The Special Olympics USA Games kicked off Sunday, June 5, 2022 in Orlando, Fla. The event, held once every four years in the United States, features athletes from across the nation competing in summer sports.

Continuing in Orlando through June 11, over 5,500 athletes and coaches, more than 10,000 volunteers, and roughly 125,000 family, friends and spectators will attend.

Conner Tingle, pictured, is a powerlifter from Gautier. Conner won multiple medals on the first day of competition, including a gold medal in squat, a silver in bench press, a silver in deadlift, and a gold medal overall for all three lifts.

Listed here are the medals awarded to other Mississippi athletes so far in the games:

Luke Robinson, Bocce Men’s Singles – gold medalist
Lisa Dalsin, Bocce Women’s Singles – 5th place
Shelby Rogers, Bocce Women’s Singles – 4th place
Dean Goodwin, Bocce Women’s Singles – 6th place
Brooks Chance, Bocce Men’s Singles – silver medalist
Brandon Chambless, Men’s 400m Run, silver medalist
Abagail Spangler, Women’s Powerlifting
Bench Press – Bronze
Deadlift – 4th place
Squat – 4th place
Combination – 4th place
Josh Mixon, Bowling Men’s Singles – 4th place
Jason Smith, Bowling Men’s Singles – silver medalist
Craig Foshee, Bowling Men’s Singles – silver medalist
Michael Champs, Bowling Men’s Singles – gold medalist
Mia Stewart, Bowling Women’s Singles – 5th place
Gabby Burns, Bowling Women’s Singles – 4th place
Kristina Cole, Bowling Women’s Singles – 8th place
Misty Grantham, Bowling Women’s Singles – 7th place
Jaycelyn Collins, Women’s 50 yard Breaststroke – gold medalist
Gregory Hutson, Men’s 50 yard Breaststroke – gold medalist

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