October 25, 2022

Forrest County Sheriff’s Dept. Warns About THC Candy As Halloween Approaches

Morgan Howard

Source: Forrest Co. Deputies
Forrest County Sheriff’s Department announced that their trick or treat hours will be Monday, 4:30-7:00.
The Sheriff’s Department posted on Facebook to warn and make sure parents were aware of a possible danger to look out for while Trick or Treating this year.
They said that THC Gummies, or edibles have become very prominent in Forrest County. The packaging for these can often look almost identical to normal candy packaging, but usually with key words changed.
For example, instead of Sour Patch Kids, there is a THC gummy called “Stoner Patch Dummies”.  When you first glance at the package it can look almost identical until you read the wording on it.
Deputies said the important things to look for are:
  1. Wording on the packaging
  2. Warning labels on the packaging

These packages will list THC content somewhere on the package.

If for some reason you come across any of these types of substances, please call 601-544-7800.

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