August 22, 2022

Fireworks mishap in Jones County leads to critical injuries

Mary Apel

The Jones County Sheriff’s Department responded on Sunday afternoon to a report of a adult male who suffered a critical injury during a fireworks mishap at a residence on Newcomb Road in the Rustin Community.

The adult male victim and a female victim, who was later discovered to be injured by fire department personnel, were transported by private vehicle to the Dollar General on Holifield Road to await help.

Volunteer fire and rescue units from M&M, Rustin, and Powers, along with EMServ Ambulance Service, responded to the scene. Both patients were located in the Dollar General parking lot and medical aid initially provided by emergency medical responders from the three volunteer fire departments which responded.

Authorities say the adult male suffered a critical, horrific injury to his right hand requiring the deployment of a tourniquet in addition to other bleeding control and shock measures. The adult female suffered burns and trauma. Both victims were transported to South Central Regional Medical Center by EMServ in two ambulances for treatment.

The incident reportedly resulted from a mishap with a large fireworks device. The identities of the victims were not available due to medical confidentiality requirements.

“Great job by the volunteer fire department emergency medical responders from M&M, Rustin, and Powers who made initial patient contact on the scene and provided expert medical care,” notes Jones County Sheriff Joe Berlin. “We are blessed to have highly trained, dedicated, and willing volunteer firefighters and emergency medical responders here in Jones County. Their presence made a huge difference at this scene.”

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