September 28, 2022

Final Man Sentenced In Elaborate Ridgeland Home Invasion

Morgan Howard

Source: Ridgeland PD

Madison and Rankin Counties’ District Attorney John K. Bramlett, Jr., announced today that 24-year-old Jordan Collins., of Jackson, was sentenced by Judge Bradley Mills after being found guilty by a jury of multiple offenses including kidnapping, aggravated assault, armed carjacking and conspiracy.

The judge sentenced him to serve a total of forty years for the various offenses.

This concluded the more than two-year investigation and prosecution of six individuals involved in an elaborate scheme to rob an elderly couple living in the Country Club of Jackson and their adult son who resided in Ridgeland.

In mid-2020, Samuel Young was incarcerated in the Marshall County Correctional Facility with the Mississippi Department of Corrections. Young had been previously convicted of sexual battery as a violent habitual offender and sentenced to life out of the Madison County Circuit Court. While incarcerated, he started an online affair with Ridgeland resident Deborah Cameron.

At the time Cameron was the long-time live-in girlfriend of the adult son.

Young and Cameron devised a plan where they would contract out a home invasion on the son and his elderly parents to steal expensive jewelry, credit cards, and bank account information from both houses.

Young contacted David Mitchell, who was also being housed in the Marshall County Correctional Facility to set up the individuals who would do the robberies.

On June 4, 2022, Desmond Jones dropped Jordan Collins and Kneefe Miller off at to son’s Ridgeland home. Debra Cameron was expecting them and left the back door unlocked so that they could get into the house.

After entering the home, Collins and Miller pulled guns on the victim and forced him to give them cash and the keys to his vehicle. They then put him in his car at gunpoint and began to drive off. The victim was able to escape from the moving vehicle and called police.

While police were on scene in Ridgeland at the victim’s residence, they received word that his elderly parents had also been the victims of an armed home invasion at their Jackson home.

The couple had been awaked by two gunmen entering their home and zip tying them at gunpoint. The two masked gunmen then stole several pieces of jewelry and their vehicle.

Through an extensive joint investigation with the Ridgeland Police Department and the Jackson Police Department, officers were able to identify multiple individuals involved in the planned home invasions.

All but Collins pled guilty to various crimes associated with the incidents. Collins elected to go to trial. After a three-day trial, which included testimony of several co-defendants and the victim as well as multiple individuals’ cell phone location data, the jury found Collins guilty of all charges.

He was sentenced in Madison Circuit Court by Judge Mills to serve forty years for his offenses.

District Attorney Bubba Bramlett stated,

“This is one of those cases that seems like it was something out of a movie. It is one of the most complicated and sophisticated schemes I have seen with the origin beginning from behind the bars of a MDOC prison facility. We are truly sorry the victim’s had to endure the terror these individuals put them through and are glad we were able to successfully prosecute each and every one of them. The Ridgeland and Jackson Police Departments put countless hours into the investigation and apprehension of each of the men and women involved in this matter and assured there was plenty of evidence so that each one would go to prison for their involvement. We hope that by convicting the final defendant in the Madison case, the victims can continue to heal and close this horrible chapter in their lives.”

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