November 8, 2022

Federal judge dismisses case against Jackson police officers with prejudice after verdict

Therese Apel

Two Jackson police officers were recently found not liable in the shooting of a Jackson woman in 2018.

A federal jury said Officers Albert Taylor and Rakasha Adams did use excessive force in the shooting death of 21-year-old Crystalline Barnes, but that they were entitled to qualified immunity, which means a police officer can’t be held liable for an incident in the line of duty unless their actions violate the law.

Barnes was reportedly pulled over by police and ended up backing up toward an officer as though she was going to hit her, then accellerated towards her. She was hit three times in the head and neck.

Federal Judge Carlton Reeves dismissed the case with prejudice, meaning it cannot be brought back up.

Reeves had also ruled that JPD officers Lincoln Lampley, Desmond Barney and Anthony Fox were covered under qualified immunity in the 2018 death of George Robinson, but District Attorney Jody Owens chose to prosecute them regardless of that and the fact that they had been cleared by the FBI and JPD’s internal affairs as well. Barney and Lampley’s case was in Judge Faye Peterson’s court and was thrown out with prejudice since she said the prosecution had not made their case. Fox went to trial in Judge Adrian Wooten’s court, and in an extremely controversial trial, Fox was convicted of manslaughter.

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