October 22, 2021

Jones County Father and Son Arrested In Multi-State Crime Spree

Mary Apel

Jones County residents David Williams, Sr., age 46, and David Williams, Jr., age 17, have both been arrested in different states following a multi-state crime spree. The father and son duo have been implicated in crimes in a number of southern states.

The crime spree began in Jones County in late September where David Williams, Sr. is alleged to have stolen a vehicle and fled to Jasper County. The Bay Springs Police Department pursued Williams who crashed the vehicle, fled on foot, and eluded capture.

In early October, both father and son allegedly stole a vehicle on Reedy Creek Road in Jones County which was found abandoned in Cullman, Alabama. They allegedly stole another vehicle in Dodge City, Alabama and fled to South Carolina where authorities suspect them of committing crimes.

They then drove to Minor Hill, Tennessee where law enforcement officers stopped the stolen vehicle capturing the 17 year old son. His father fled on foot and allegedly stole yet another vehicle.  

David Williams, Sr. then fled to Indiana where he was arrested by law enforcement officers for possession of a stolen vehicle, fake identification, and possession of methamphetamine. He is incarcerated in the Clark County Sheriff’s Office Jail in Indiana.

Additional charges for both are pending in both Georgia and Louisiana and include a shootout with deputies in one jurisdiction before escaping.  Both father and son have a litany of jurisdictions with criminal complaints listed on the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC).

“David Williams, Sr. is an ex-con who now has a long list of jurisdictions waiting in line to arrest him for crimes allegedly committed,” notes JCSD Investigator Reuben Bishop.  

JCSD Investigator J.D. Carter concludes, “It’s a miracle no one was hurt or killed by this pair during their crime spree across the South. Why a father would include his own son in a series of crimes is beyond me.”

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