December 22, 2022

Extreme Cold Weather Conditions May Be Life-Threatening For Outside Pets

Morgan Howard

Source: CARA

Expected severe weather conditions can be life-threatening for outside pets.

The Mississippi Animal Rescue League is advising all pet owners to keep their pets inside or in a heated area during this extremely cold weather.

Dogs that are outside require more calories in winter to help them stay warm and maintain their body fat. Even dogs that may be brought in at night require more food during extremely cold weather.

Make sure that water bowls are not frozen as animals need access to water at all times.


Outside cats may seek warmth in a car engine, so be sure to bang on the hood and honk the horn before starting the engine in your vehicle.


Livestock should have access to hay at all times.

They should be supplied with extra feed and make sure their water source is not frozen.

Appropriate shelter and care is critical for animals during severe winter weather conditions.


Dog houses should have a solid floor, roof, and three sides. In order to minimize cold seeping from the ground, the house should be raised 3-4 inches off the ground.

The door of the house should face away from prevailing winds and ideally have a flap covering the door or another method of blocking air from entering the house.

This will help hold in the dog’s body heat.

Bedding should consist of a thick layer of shaving or hay.

Blankets and other materials retain cold and become damp and are not a good source of bedding for warmth.


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