December 14, 2021

Stepping Up To Serve – “Skates and Sirens: Coats To The Rescue”, Organized By Eight Agencies

Nicole Kral

Eight organizations, including five non-profit social service agencies, have partnered up to launch a three-week coat drive to collect winter coats for for those less fortunate in the Jackson Metro area.

“Skates and Sirens” Donation Box

The project is called “Skates and Sirens: Coats to the Rescue”, and collections will begin on December 15.

Stewpot Community Services, Good Samaritan Center, Living Independence for Everyone, Deliver Me Senior Support Services and The Salvation Army have agreed to participate in the project with Jackson Roller Derby, Jackson Fire Department, and AMR.

For the next three weeks, these organizations are encouraging the public to look through their closets and pull out those gently-worn, good condition, or even new coats, and drop them off at one of the 21 Jackson Fire stations listed below. Lightly used or new Winter hats, gloves, and scarves are also appreciated.

“Hundreds of people of all ages in and near Jackson lack a good winter coat,” Said Jackson Roller Derby member Jessica Cain. “Some people without coats are homeless and there are also families with homes who simply don’t have the money for adequate coats.”

Each person that donates can choose which of the five charitable agencies receives the coat.

The last day to donate is January 5, and donations will be collected between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

“The holidays are a time of giving”, said Chief Sanders of JFD. “We’re asking the more fortunate among us: ‘Go to your closets, take out good used coats your family no longer wears. Then, bring them to a Jackson fire station between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. any day.”

Collection Locations:

JFD stands with the first donation box

JFD Headquarters: 555 S. West Street
JFD Station 1: 555 S. West Street (Same as HQ)
JFD Station 10: 355 Woodrow Wilson
JFD Station 11: 3860 Terry Rd.
JFD Station 12: 2435 McFadden Rd.
JFD Station 14: 3208 Lynch St.
JFD Station 15: 4943 Clinton Blvd.
JFD Station 16: 1400 Lakeland Dr.
JFD Station 17: 1941 Canton Mart
JFD Station 19: 5810 Ridgewood Rd.
JFD Station 20: 4445 Medgar Evers
JFD Station 7: 4265 N. State St.
JFD Station 6: Livingston Park Place
JFD Station 5: 1810 N. State St.
JFD Station 3: 333 E. Fortification
JFD Station 28: 611 Terry Rd.
JFD Station 26: 2223 Flag Chapel Rd.
JFD Station 25: 4048 N. Siwell Rd.
JFD Station 24: 1240 Wiggins Rd.
JFD Station 23: 2640 Raymond Rd.
JFD Station 22: 1590 Lakeshore Dr. (listed as Ridgeland)
JFD Station 21: 5381 Watkins Dr.

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