February 24, 2022

VIDEO: DPS, Children’s Hospital host Mardi Gras parade for patients

Therese Apel

First Lady of MS Elee Reeves & Commissioner Sean Tindell hand out beads to patients at Children’s of MS Hospital

Children’s of Mississippi in Jackson held their annual Mardi Gras Motorcade today. The hospital along with DPS and Mississippi Highway Patrol (MHP) have worked hard to make the event possible.

We spoke with MHP Lt. Colonel Malachi Sanders about the importance of events like this.

“We wanted to come over here and fellowship with them, and have this Mardi Gras parade just to show [the kids] something to let them know that we’re thinking about them,” he said.

“You know, any festivity that we can get together and bring in to Blair E. Batson Center to show the kids, we’re going to do that.”

Blair E. Batson is the former name of what is now known as Children’s of Mississippi.

Frist Lady of Mississippi Elee Reeves Commissioner Sean Tindell and were also in attendance handing out beads and showing their support.

We asked Nolan Busby, a patient at Children’s, what his favorite part of the parade was. Not surprisingly, he said the motorcycles.

Patient Nolan Busby with two MHP Officers

When Nolan was asked by Commissioner Tindell what he to be when he grows up, Nolan simply pointed at the two MHP Officers standing next to him.

Children’s of Mississippi and DPS say that there is only one goal for this parade: to spread joy.

“It makes me feel awesome. It makes me feel worthy. It makes me feel like I’ve got love in my heart – which I do,” said Sanders.

If you would like to donate to Children’s of MS, you can send them an email at inkinddonations@umc.edu, or give them a call at (601)213-8054.



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