January 8, 2024

After 13 Years Of Waiting, Dog At Jackson Shelter Finds Forever Family

Morgan Howard

Imagine sitting in a kennel at a shelter for 13 years and finally, after you have practically given up hope of ever finding your people, someone opens the door and calls your name.

The door swings open, and you follow the kind shelter worker to the door and meet your savior in human form.

This is what happened to one dog in Jackson waiting on her forever home at Animal Rescue Fund. ARF is a no-kill shelter in Jackson that helps thousands of dogs.

Sweet Cleopatra was rescued back in 2011 and has been waiting for someone to adopt her since. The shelter kept Cleopatra happy and healthy. She had ample play time and exercise. She always had a warm bed and plenty of food.

But there is just something so special when a rescue dog finds THEIR person…THEIR family. I’m convinced that it’s a moment when heaven touches earth for just a few seconds.

After all of these years, someone happened upon Cleopatra’s profile online. They emailed the shelter and noted that they were interested in adopting her.

The shelter screened, interviewed, and checked the family’s references and then came to the conclusion that “a more perfect home could not be found if they tried.”

After all these years, Cleo is now living her best life at her new home with her own family!

Congratulations Cleo! We are so happy for you.

Please consider adopting a shelter dog. Adopt an older dog like sweet Cleopatra (and you won’t have to worry about the puppy phase of chewing on table legs and peeing on your favorite rug) But most of all, you would be giving an older dog a shot at having their own home and a family to love them!

What a beautiful gift, and let me tell you…from us here at Darkhorse…we have never regretted adopting a dog from the shelter. (and trust me….between all of us we have adopted or fostered quite a few) They are truly the best. They are fiercely loyal, grateful, love unconditionally, and are the best friends you could ever ask for.

If you want to foster, or adopt, please check out ARF’s website with other dogs waiting on their forever homes!

If you can’t adopt right now, remember that fostering is free! You simply provide love and a roof over the dog’s head. You can also volunteer to walk and love on dogs waiting on their forever homes.

The shelter always needs dog food, blankets, towels, and other supplies as they care for hundreds of dogs that others have discarded in the city. You can donate and support financially.

Hear us out on this…we love all dogs, but there is something so special about a dog from a shelter. It’s like they know that you gave them a second chance at life.

Please consider adopting…we promise you it will change your life and theirs.


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