February 23, 2024

Dog Rescued From Side Of South Jackson Road; Found Malnourished, With Frost-Bitten Ears

Morgan Howard

A dog was seen by a person passing on the side of McDowell Road in South Jackson on Wednesday.
Every rib on his body was visible and his ears were tattered. He looked like like had been less than kind to him and he had just about given up.
The finder brought him food and water, then called local rescuers and stayed with him until they arrived.
A rescuer named Kelly Collins was called and then a rescuer named Katie Lawrence drove to pick up the dog and took him to AERC in Jackson.
The dog was given the name Ringo.
Mary Jackson, who is the founder of Animal Rescue Fund (ARF) committed to accepting the baby into her rescue.
The vet said that Ringo is in very poor shape. He has heartworms, every known parasite, and is severely malnourished and dehydrated.
If you want to donate to Ringo’s extensive vet care, you can donate the following ways:
Venmo: @ARFMS
Paypal: ejackson@arfms.org

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