February 29, 2024

Jackson Rescue Finds Dog High On Marijuana Sleeping In Middle Of Road

Morgan Howard

Source: ARF

UPDATE: The dog found high in the middle of a Jackson road (now named SoSo) is on the road to recovery!

The shelter stated in a recent post,

“He rode that trip out and now tests much less toxicity for marijuana”

Click on the post to donate to this sweet boy’s ongoing care!

It takes a village for rescuers to be able to help these sweet animals!


A dog was found lying in the middle of the road in Jackson. The finder said she thought he was sleeping and wouldn’t get up.

He wouldn’t move and seemed to act lethargic and sluggish.

“She tried to get him to get up, he would stand, stumble, and fall down and try again. She was concerned he was bad sick and reached out to us”.

Rescuers with Animal Rescue Fund were called and responded to help the poor dog.

The large black dog was taken and rescuers decided to test him to see if he had drugs in his system.

He quickly tested positive for marijuana.

The shelter now has the dog in their care.  If you want to donate to his vet bills, they are at about $1000 right now, according to a recent post from Animal Rescue Fund.

He is currently at the vet being flushed with fluids. The drug load was extremely high.

The dog will be at the vet for another 24 hours.

You can Venmo the shelter at: ARfMS.

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