September 19, 2022

Dog Brought Into Brookhaven Vet With Tire Stuck On His Head

Morgan Howard

Dr. Watson at the Brookhaven Animal Hospital had quite the adventure when an owner brought their dog in with a tire stuck around his head.
The owner said their dog was chasing a rodent and ended up getting his head stuck in the rim of a tire. He was happy regardless of his new head ornament and was wagging his tail the whole time.
Dr. Watson, a vet for 30 years, was able to successfully get the pup’s head out of the tire rim. He sedated the dog with a dose of IV sedatives and when it had taken effect, he applied a judicious amount of KY jelly to the dogs’ head, neck, and ears. He said he was then able to slip first one ear through the tire, then the other.
After that, the dog’s head slipped out easily. Dr. Watson the dog only had a few small abrasions, but nothing serious.
He said the dog was a “super sweet patient”.

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