October 2, 2023

DARKHORSE DOGS: *Warning Graphic* Dog With Mutilated Ears, Covered In Wounds, Rescued In Jackson

Morgan Howard

A dog in Jackson was found by some wonderful person at Animal Rescue Fund and now has a new lease on life.
His condition was truly horrific. It appeared someone had hacked off his ears to make them short and they were infected and necrotic.
Animal Rescue Fund heard that there was a dog needing immediate rescue close to their shelter on Mayes Street in Jackson.
Workers rushed to find the dog and were horrified when they saw how poor his condition was. He wasn’t very old but had clearly already experienced some “dramatic horrors,” as ARF described them.
We will never know the sweet female dog’s story, but it was clearly not a happy one.
The abuse and neglect is evident when you see the vicious scar around her neck. It shows that she was restrained with a heavy chain that eventually grew into her neck.
She is covered in cigarette burns and what appear to be road burn scars on her pads and side.
Her ears had been sliced off in a barbaric manner and when the shelter workers gave her a bath, clumps of hair fell out in their hands.
The sweet girl was extremely malnourished, had mange, parasites, and appears to be pregnant.
ARF said,
“This dog encompasses EVERYTHING that is wrong with what some people in our area think is ok for how to treat an animal. And, if we knew who did this to her (we don’t) our dismal laws would do little to prosecute the person(s) who did this to this creature of God. We have named her Miracle and ask that you join us in her healing.”
Ways you can donate to Miracle’s care at Animal Rescue Fund.
– Venmo ARF at @ARFMS
– Paypal ARF at ejackson@arfms.org
– Mail donations to ARF at 395 West Mayes Street, Jackson MS 39213.

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