March 19, 2024

DARKHORSE DOGS: Timber, The Gentle Giant Who Dreams Of Finding His Human

Morgan Howard

Our Darkhorse Dog this week is Timber! He is at the Tunica Humane Society.
Timber is a beautiful gentle giant. The shelter said that often people overlook bigger dogs for some reason and it’s really sad.
Timber was abandoned on a rural road in Tunica County.
“Truth be known, he probably grew up, just like all dogs do. This is a real problem for us in Tunica because everyone wants a puppy. Things go along fine until they grow up. Sadly, we find so many dogs dumped out in our county after they reach a year old or more.”
This sweet boy walked up and down the rural road hoping to find a human. He went from house to house, getting ran off by everyone he encountered.
Timber finally set up his own little home at the edge of the woods. He found an old jacket to sleep on, a pair of someone’s old boots to play with, and a couple of unopened UPS boxes he found.
This lonely boy was just wishing someone would come along and love him. He just wanted a place to call home.
At the shelter, Timber behaves so well in his kennel. He plays well with other dogs and loves every human who visits him.
This sweet 2-year-old boy is available for adoption. Please consider giving this sweet boy the home he so deserves.

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