April 3, 2023

DARKHORSE DOGS: Thaddeus; Starving Dog Rescued From Dump Site

Morgan Howard

A rescue called Shaw Pitbull Rescue in Columbus, Mississippi received a message late one night about a starving dog someone spotted.
The dog was seen staying at a road dump site in New Hope.
The rescue said they did not have high hopes of finding the dog, much less being able to leash the starving pup, but they had to go and try their best to save him.
Rescue workers said they drove past the dump site and began searching the woods. They brought a dog named Gabby with them, to see if the dog would feel more comfortable coming out if he saw another pup.
As soon as they got Gabby out of the truck, rescuers said this little brown head peeped out around the blue chair at the dump pile. The dog looked like he had given up and was just laying there among the trash, watching them walk up to him.
Rescuers were able to get a leash around his neck and walked him back to the truck. He hopped right in the back seat, ready to go, despite being terrified.
By the end of the drive, the emaciated dog had scooted into the seat next to Gabby and was looking out the truck window.
When rescuers returned to the shelter, they gave the dog a dose of wormer and a Bravecto. They said the dog was completely covered in ticks. They worked to remove dozens of them and gave him a full evaluation. They took some photos and of course, gave him lots of love as they took him to his new cozy quarters at the rescue.
He now has his own new blankets and bed, toys, chew toys, fresh water and of course food!
The shelter said he will get evaluated by a vet, and they believe he is likely full of heartworms, ehrlichia, and probably Babesia. They estimated his age to be 11 or 12 years old.
The dog quickly bonded with his rescuers, especially one in particular named “Mama A”. He knows he is now safe and only has better days ahead.
Shaw Pitbull posted on Facebook saying,
“Thank you to the gentleman that spotted him, and to the two ladies shared his plea with us. And thank you to Honey’s adopter – which allowed us to take in another baby. We wish we could take them all in, we can’t. This time, we could. We’ve named him Thaddeus.”
If you feel it in your heart to donate towards Thaddeus, and the incredible work this rescue does, here are some ways you can do so!
Venmo –> Shaw-PBR
CashApp –> $ShawPBR
Mail –> 368 Old New Hope Road, Columbus MS 39702
Animal Clinic of Columbus –> 662.327.9414
Four Seasons Farm and Garden –> 662.329.2281
Amazon WL –> bit.ly/WLSPBR
Chewy WL –> bit.ly/spbrcwl

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