March 15, 2023

DARKHORSE DOGS: Starving Dog Chained In Jackson Backyard Rescued By CARA, Animal Control

Morgan Howard

A disturbing picture of a malnourished dog on a chain led rescuers to contact Animal Control in Jackson.
Every bone and rib on the dog’s body was seen as it sat, defeated, on the end of a heavy chain in a trashed backyard in Jackson.
A local, no-kill rescue, CARA, persistently contacted animal control about the poor dog until help was received.
CARA (Community Animal Rescue & Adoption) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization operated by volunteers, board members, and part-time shelter employees. They are supported by private donations from individuals, businesses, and fundraising efforts. CARA receives no funds from the city, county, state, or federal government.
Marquett Allen, the Jackson Animal Control Supervisor, saw the horrific conditions the dog was living in and took action.
Valerie Hicks, CARA board member, said in a Facebook post,
“I want to give huge kudos to Marquett Allen, Jackson Animal Control Supervisor. This man absolutely stepped up and made getting help for this precious dog his priority for today. A situation like this always comes with layers of protocol and procedures, and it doesn’t always get dealt with as swiftly as those of us in rescue think it should. I am 100% guilty of that mentality. This man followed all protocol, in spite of what seemed like the world being up at arms, and was able to get our sweet boy properly and legally. And for that, we are so grateful.”
The dog was rushed to Urgivet and lovingly named Tobiah by rescuers. Tobiah, in Hebrew, means “a gift from God”, and the rescue said that is exactly what this dog is.
“Prepare to feel love like you have likely never known it before. You are safe and loved, be certain of that.”
After being examined at the vet, thankfully the dog is expected to make a miraculous comeback and will be up for adoption once he is healthy.
So far, his bills have reached over $1700 from his visit to the Urgivet. If you would like to donate towards Tobiah’s bills, CLICK HERE. 
For now, Tobiah is on a strict feeding schedule. He has to eat small portions because he was so dangerously malnourished and starved for so long. It is critical to feed them properly so that his body can accept the food and he won’t get more sick.
The rescue said thankfully, it doesn’t appear Tobiah has any serious issues, other than heartworms and Ehrlichia, which is to be expected for a dog who isn’t receiving any preventative and is in his condition.
Tobiah has an incredibly gigantic, loving heart despite all of the trauma and neglect he has endured in his life.
When Tobiah first saw a dog bed, it took him a few minutes to realize the bed was for him. He now knows that he is safe and warm, and most importantly that he is loved.

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