March 1, 2023

DARKHORSE DOGS: Jones County woman accused of animal cruelty after starving huskies found

Therese Apel

A volunteer helps rescue a starving Alaskan Husky from a home in Jones County.
This Alaskan Husky was rescued from a home in Jones County.

The Jones County Sheriff’s Department responded to a animal welfare complaint on February 24 at a residence on Dykes Road in western Jones County.

JCSD Deputy Regina Newton, who primarily handles animal calls for the department, responded to the scene. She discovered seven severely malnourished Siberian Huskies and one deceased Siberian Husky at the location. All of the Huskies were found to be without the necessities required to survive.

The owner of the Huskies, identified as Virginia Kanan, age 55 of Soso, MS, has been charged with one count of Aggravated Animal Cruelty and two counts of Simple Animal Cruelty. Ms. Kanan turned herself in to JCSD authorities and will appear in Jones County Justice Court on Wednesday at 1 p.m. for her initial appearance.

This Alaskan Husky was rescued from a home in Jones County.

Deputy Newton reached out to several experienced animal care individuals, rescue organizations, fosters, and three local veterinary clinics to obtain assistance in providing emergency care to these Huskies. Every Husky received emergency veterinary care with one of the Huskies sadly having to be euthanized due to advanced neglect and no chance of recovery.

“Since coming to work at the Jones County Sheriff’s Department in November of 2022, I have worked over 200 animal calls,” said Newton. “I have a passion for working with animals and to ensure that they are properly cared for. We cannot say thanks enough to everyone who was involved and has stepped forward to help support and care for these Huskies.”

This Alaskan Husky was rescued from a home in Jones County.

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