September 26, 2023

DARKHORSE DOGS (CAT EDITION): Kitten With Injured Eye Rescued After Found At Correctional Facility

Morgan Howard

Our Darkhorse Dog of the Week is actually…a kitten!
This sweet kitten was found by Chrissy Cheshire with Cheshire Abbey. She is no longer able to take animals and Pippa with Animal Rescue League offered to take in this sweet cat.
Cheshire said that a correctional facility called her about a kitten they found who was obviously in distress. He was found right around the corner from Animal Medical Center. ARF offered to take the kitten if Cheshire can raise the funds to get his eye removed.
The sweet kitten is in a lot of pain, but should feel much better after getting his eye removed!
ARF already owes Animal Rescue Fund $5,000! They are behind on bills because of the hundreds of animals they help each week. If you can help them pay off their vet bill at AMC, they can help this sweet kitten.
Chrissy Cheshire is asking the community to step up and help at least raise $1,500 today to help this poor kitten.
Chrissy said,
“They have taken so many in lately that we can’t- animals that would’ve suffered tremendously & died a painful death if they hadn’t.”
You can call in a donation to AMC at (601) 354-3389 or you can donate on their Facebook or through their website.
If everyone just donated even $5 today, that would make a huge difference for these overloaded rescues and the sweet pups they help.

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