August 14, 2023

DARKHORSE DOGS UPDATE: Adonis, The Sweetest, 8-Year-Old Love Boat Has Been Adopted

Morgan Howard

UPDATE: Adonis has found his family!
Brookhaven Animal Rescue League posted an update saying that sweet Adonis has been adopted by a family in Franklin County.
Adonis is now living his best life laying on their couch and getting all the cuddles. He is so happy with his new family!
Our Darkhorse Dog this week is a sweet older boy named Adonis.
His owner passed away tragically and he is 8 1/2 years old.
Adonis and his mom were turned into Brookhaven Animal Rescue League about 6 weeks ago. They had been inside dogs all of their lives until their owner passed away.
Adonis is 8 1/2 years old and Dixie, his mom, was 10 1/2.
Unfortunately, sweet Dixie had to be euthanized upon recommendation of a veterinarian after they discovered a tumor that was causing neurological issues and it caused her to barely be able to walk.
Poor Adonis had never been apart from his mom. So, within 5 weeks, he lost his indoor home, his owner, and his mom.
He is a lounger and in need of an indoor home where he can relax and receive love.

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