May 24, 2023

Crystal Springs police search for man caught on camera breaking window

Therese Apel

This man is wanted for throwing a rock through a business window in Crystal Springs. If you know anything about this crime, please call Crystal Springs Police or Central Mississippi Crime Stoppers.

Crystal Springs Police have asked the public to help identify a man seen on a surveillance camera throwing a rock through a window.

Chief Tony Hemphill said between 3-4 a.m. Sunday, a man could be seen on camera near the Pure Store at Lee Avenue and North Jackson. Hemphill said he allegedly picked up a broken piece of cinder block and shattered the glass of a large window and ran away.

Hemphill said the charge, once the man is located, will be felony malicious mischeif since the cost of the window is over $1,000.

Police are hoping the public can help them identify the man in the video. Hemphill said he always encourages his community not to overlook even the smallest suspicious thing.

“We always want information from the public about anything. Don’t think something you see is nothing to it, because that may be a key piece to solving a case or breaking a lead on something,” he said. “The police can only be as good as our citizens, because they’re the eyes and ears.”

Hemphill encouraged citizens to call the Crystal Springs Police Department at 601-892-2121, or Crime Stoppers at 601-355-TIPS (8477) with any information.

“We desperately need the public to communicate with us,” he said. “And if I see someone walking around a business at that time in the morning, I’m going to stop and question them.”

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