May 16, 2021

Copiah officials ask for help to solve a year of gang-related shootings

Therese Apel

Police in Copiah county are begging the communities to open up to them about who may be responsible for alleged gang-related shootings around the county over the last year.

According to release from the Copiah County Sheriff’s Office and the Crystal Springs Police Department, homes and vehicles have been shot into, resulting in two unsolved homicides, one in August of 2019 and the other around March of 2021 in Crystal Springs. Authorities call the shootings “a cause for great concern” to the citizens affected.

Police say solving the crimes has been a challenge because the citizens in the communities affected will not come forward with information. It’s basic fear of retaliation, police said, that keeps people from telling Law Enforcement all they know. The majority of the shootings involve two rival gangs ranging in ages thirteen and some believed to be approximately early to mid-twenties, the release stated.

Authorities say they are pleading with the communities and anyone that may have information about any of these crimes leading to any arrest.

“Because we understand the fears that everyone is facing, information offered by anyone will be treated with confidentiality,” the police statement says. “What one may think to be unimportant could possibly make the difference in some if not all of these cases.”

Officials say they believe they can solve the crimes as long as people are willing to get involved.

If anyone has any information pertaining to the shootings in these areas, please contact Crime Stoppers at 601-355-8477, the Copiah County Sheriff’s Office or the Crystal Springs Police Department.

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