November 14, 2022

Columbus Police Looking For Suspect Who Tied Up Elderly Person, Took Their Car

Morgan Howard

Police looking for suspect who tied up elderly person and stole their vehicle.
According to Columbus police, on November 9, at 3:35 p.m. someone broke into the home of a Columbus senior adult’s home early Monday.
They tied up the victim, and then stole her car. Thankfully, the victim received non-life-threatening injuries.
The missing car is a 1996 Oldsmobile Model 88, white, four-door with an antique tag number A94757.
The victim is over 80 years old and was in her home when the suspect came to her door and began to ring the doorbell repeatedly. When she opened the door, the suspect entered the home, restrained the victim, and threatened her with a handgun.
The incident happened in a residential area of the Highway 82 bypass near Love’s Truck Stop.
Columbus Police have asked for state and national assistance in locating the car and the suspect. Anyone with information on the case can call Crimestoppers at 800-530-7151.

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