November 1, 2022

Columbia Police Officer Goes Out Of His Way To Make Child Smile On Halloween

Morgan Howard

Officer Dave Burns
A woman named Erin Turner reached out to the Columbia Police Department to share about a sweet encounter she had with a Columbia Police Officer.
Erin Turner said that her daughter, Ramey Kate Turner, dressed up as Bob Ross for Halloween.
While out trick-or-treating Officer Dave Burns noticed that the young girl was dressed up as Bob Ross and he always drives with a Bob Ross plush toy in his cruiser.
He stopped and showed the family his Bob Ross and spoke with them.
Officer Dave Burns
Erin said,
“We saw one of your officers who shared with us that a Bob Ross plush toy always rides with him in his cruiser as his good luck charm! He was super friendly and we enjoyed meeting him.”
The Columbia Police Department said that Officer Burns “is a great asset to our community and to the children we serve.”
They also thanked the Turner family for sharing this sweet moment and thanked all police officers who protected and served this Halloween.
The Columbia Police Department ended their post by saying,
“If you see Ramey Kate Turner around town tell her how awesome her costume was!”

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